The following includes a list of the sponsors for which avidly support,”What’s up ZiZi?”  and their relevant information…. Thank you!  

-Luv ZiZi-

VD logo1


Where Fashion Lives

Marketplace<<  Flickr <<Click  Inworld Location <<Click


Tattoos made with style and care

Inworld Location

Marketplace <<Click,

Flickr Group <<Click

iconic logo.png

ICONIC-Virtual Brand & Creations

{Inworld Location} / {Flickr} / {Facebook}

MJN LOGO[MJN Cosmetics]

{Facebook } / {Flickr } / {Flickr Pool}

toxxic rhiannyr logo.png

Home to:
•Enertia // Mesh fashion for women
•Meh. // Original mesh decor
•Artwork by Toxxic // Graphic Design Studio
•HauteMess Subscription Box HQ // Monthly Subscription Box

{ Flickr } { Teleport to mainstore }


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