Review Policy

      As an avid Secondlife visitor, I enjoy the beauty and creativity that many find release to expressed within this plane. Thus, as such my blog is a prime example of me doing the same. The simplicity of it all is that I blog what I love. I blog what I like. My personal style, of clothing includes outfits that I would most certainly wear about the grid. For I indeed do so on many occasions and have nil issue with sharing detailed info with the curious.

    The varying photos displayed on this page are for my personal use, no one other than myself is allowed to use any of these photos without my written permission.

     What do I blog? Well, mainly clothing designs, accessories, tattoos and so forth but my blog is not only about clothes and things to beautify your avatar. “What’s up ZiZi?” serves to be the epitome of not only Fashion, but discovery, adventure, creativity and a showcase of my weird yet loveable personality, an extension of my RL self. Hence, all avenues of creation are welcome.

      I accept blog requests, form Secondlife creators. I also do accept a limited number of long terms sponsors at a time. If you wish for your creations whether it be clothing, accessories, items, venue or decor to be highlighted on my blog, feel free to contact me personally via the information provided in the credits. Do allow a minimum of 2 days to receive an ample response.

     In reference to long term and short term sponsors, I do not and will not submit any form “blog checks” to blog managers, or event managers/owners via inworld notecard. Blog posts are shared on a wide expansive selection and array of media as well as relevant personnel are tagged on Facebook and Flicker. In addition to store page posts, inworld blog group posts and flicker group posts.

  Blog collaborations? I enjoy collaborations with other creative and talented bloggers. Hence I tend to do so once per month if possible. Collaborations include raw pictures done by myself  or the other participant each individual edit will be posted on either blog, inclusive of a link back to the other’s blog post with their relevant outfit info pertaining to that collaboration.

Note: I will NOT collaborate if the same is not also done on the other partie’s blog. ( Their own photo of the both of us and a link back to my blog post with relevant outfit details or just  the “What’s up ZIZI?” home page)


-Luv ZiZi-

Interested parties can contact me via..

☆  ══ ☆ Contact Information ☆════ ☆

Inworld name – Nelly868 Resident

( Detailed notecard preferably )

“What’s up ZiZi?” Facebook page <<Click

☆  ══ ☆ Contact Information ☆════ ☆




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