Blog Request

Heyas, blogging is a hobby of mine which I thoroughly enjoy. Are you a creator loooking for someone to highlight your work in an upcoming blogpost?

Whelp, you’re at the right blog! I occasionally take blog requests from creators or sim/establishment owners, in which I feature their item or place on my blog.

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to look at my blog reach, as I tend to make this blog a bit more accessible via different social mediums. From numerous Facebook groups, and flicker groups, to my current syndicated feeds and their various social medium on the right of the page, ( Always looking and applying to join different Secondlife Feed aggregates so that list will eventually grow with time. In addition I routinely double back to make sure my blogs are being posted, more-over with  a link back to the original blogpost ).

Also this there are a few of my fellow bloggers that, have joined my blogroll in which we share a link-back to each-other’s blog on our personal blog pages ( Bloggers or store pages, feel free to add me to your page and I’ll add you to mine as well. If you wish to do this do comment on this post or message the “What’s up ZiZi?” blog’s Facebook page <<Click )

In addition tot his my blog is also shared on ~ AvatarBook ~ ( A Facebook-like environment tailored to Secondlife users ), ~ Twitter ~ ( via my twitter pg for avid followers ) as well as ~ Thumblr ~ for varying followers there as well….


Interested parties can contact me via..

☆  ══ ☆ Contact Information ☆════ ☆

Inworld name – Nelly868 Resident

( Detailed notecard preferably )

“What’s up ZiZi?” Facebook page <<Click

☆  ══ ☆ Contact Information ☆════ ☆

P.S.  Blog collaborations are always welcomed, Currently accepting 1 per month. Contact me for specific details and scheduling, using the above information.



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