Hey lovelies, sliding right in for a teeny-weeny update.. *screams all girly-like. If you don’t know by now then you really going to get it. Lelutka Just recently did an update on their heads in addition to smacking us with the release of 4 new steller Bento heads.

See below credits for “What’s ZiZi Wearing?”

For more info on the new heads –> Four New LeLutka Bento Heads!!!


In addition to new heads they’ve coupled these new resales the updated 3.0 Version comes with a host of moods and smooth sleek little quirks to add a vast variety of style and uniqueness to your avatar…

For full update info check out – LELUTKA BENTO HEAD-UPDATE 3.0

Short Video –> What’s up ZiZi? #TeamLelutka

“What’s ZiZi Wearing #367”

Mesh Head: LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE 3.0  {teleport to mainstore}

Shape: My Own [NOT FOR SALE]

Septum piercing – ^^Swallow^^ Septum Ring Gold (Mp Link)

Mesh Body: –Belleza- Freya {teleport to mainstore}

Body Markings – Gaja x Bod Vitiligo Pattern 4  {teleport to mainstore}  [NOLONGER AVAILABLE]


Hands: -VA-F-VISTA BENTO PROHANDS FEM-V.2final  {teleport to mainstore} 

“Outfit Details”

Hair – Beusy // Salacia Queen Mesh Hair (Naturals) {teleport to mainstore}

Jewlery – – Cae – {teleport to mainstore}

Dress – Vellum Duchess Tina @ E L I T E Biweekly Event {teleport to event}

Happy Shopping

-Luv ZiZi-


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