~Love Hurts~


“Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you.”  ― C. Kennedy, Omorphi

Love hurts.png

See below credits for “What’s ZiZi Wearing?”

Most of the times when we think the phrase ,”Love hurts” we think the temporary hurt, that longing sting of heartbreak….. Love no matter how intense hurts, that good hurt that soul quenching hurt.. Then there is a Mother’s love, a Father’s love..the love that family and friends share….love that doesn’t die even the spance of death and grief… Love swells the hearts for the lives once with us, and those lost..the ones still fighting to hold on… Blood bonded brothers and sisters we may not be but many hearts across the globe break, hurt and weap…. A heart is a heart, one beat after the next, lub dub, lub dub no matter the being it beats for…. 


“What’s ZiZi Wearing?”  Outfit #304


Mesh Head: Logo ( Mainstore )


Outfit Details

Hair – *Besom~ Harper *Blacks* @ N21

Facial Tattoo – Rainbow Tears – Face Tattoo ( Mp Link )

Pray for the World

-Luv ZiZi-


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