~ Bella ~

“I’m a pro at weird.” -― Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse

bella fin

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/tempura%20island/131/44/33

See below credits for “What’s ZiZi Wearing?”

A Love Poem To Bella

My dearest Bella u are my world
You are my life, my love, my girl
The very core of my existance
My heatrbeat that isent there
Your smell is irristable when i breath in air
You are exquisite the sun on a dark day
The reason im alive, the reason i stay
You couldn’t be more perfect even if you tried
The only reason ive ever cried
To keep u alive is a full time job
For your life would be a crime to rob
Now to you bella i bid adue
My final words are 
          I Love You

Signed Edward

© jeremy williams, All rights reserved

What’s ZiZi Wearing? ” Post #93 Outfits #136

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Hands: Slink Gesture Hands Size XS

Nails: !(HR 3.0)!   Omega! Coffin Nails

Feet: Slink Feet High Size XS

Shape: My Own

Outfit details

Pose: …::HOuSe of ZION::.. Lia Collection 

Hair: MOON{Hair}. 21 Hours – Oblongs

Eyebrow piercing: Yin Yang Eyebrow Piercing Shell

Earings: GCC – Hoop Earrings (rosegold) Marketplace< Flicker <<ClickFacebook Page<

Lipstick: Deesses Skins: Lauren – dark lipstick set

Hand Tat: [!Clown Tattoo & Gestures] KnB for Slink Hands

Clutch: Diamond Leather Clutch from GCC – Natalie Limited Edition Red Marketplace< Flicker

Bracelet ( right hand) : Love Bracelet from GCC – Natalie Limited Edition Red Marketplace< Flicker

Dress: Natalie Dress M from GCC – Natalie Limited Edition RedMarketplace< Flicker

Happy Shopping

-Luv ZiZi-


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