~ Dare to be Pizzified ~

“All human males were as fascinated with cars as they were with breasts.”  – Anita Clenney

Nellz pizz selfie pxlrSee below credits for “What’s ZiZi Wearing?”

They say dogs are man’s best friends but what about cars? The love for cars transcends from Real Life into Secondlife via numerous creators, designers, scripters, and other talented creative folk about the grid. Especially the fast cars, with that sleek trillion dollar looks, you can find it about the grid and be able to enjoy the orgasmic pleasures of being behind the wheel and tearing up a tarmac . One such exclusive company that immediately comes mind is ..:: PIZZIFIED::.. Customs. Taking the grid by storm and leaving a definitive mark with their unique and exhilarating automobile designs, custom made parts and vehicles, sales, promotions and all round exquisite customer service. 

Nell n Pizz pxlr final

I managed to get a few minutes with the man behind the vast empire that is ..::PIZZIFIED::.. Customs   PIZZY P. for a one on one, pixel to pixel Q&A interview to get an idea as to what makes it all click.

Lets take a journey into finding out a bit more about him as well as, ..::PIZZIFIED::.. Customs…

Q1. Do you like chocolate?  A1 – White Chocolate

Q2. How did you come about Second life? A2 – I came bout Second Life watching the news and seen some “Property Barron’s”. So I signed up.. And I owned real estate for a while starting out flipping 4096sqm into 75 SIMs.

Q3. What makes your firm (store/company) different form the rest? A3 – My pricing, I keep everything affordable so everyone’s dreams are within reach. I pay attention to detail, high quality mesh, highly detailed, realistic sounds and handling with most vehicles having a color system with 71 colors!! The options are endless. I’ve changed the way cars are built and scripted. Now sold. Making everything more affordable so the simplest dreams can come true.

Q4. Why Cars? A4 – Lightning Mc Queen inspired me.

Q5. If you had the opportunity to venture into another line of work/creative processes in Second life, what do you fathom it would be?  A5 – I have thought about venturing into different avenues on second life. Those that know me from awhile ago know me as a Estate owner then Dj and now Car Developer. Once you’re branded as one it’s difficult to start another so I’m still brain storming ways of hitting other markets.

Q6. What does your firm (store/company) offer to the average Second life visitor? A6 – PIZZIFIED offers a neatly laid out store. That’s not confusing. The demo area has arrows on the ground so no one gets lost. Pizzified has sales and also gives out free gifts from time to time, sometimes, just because!

Q7. Everyone seems to have extravagant New Years resolutions, aiming to grab 2015 by the gonads. Exclaim the New years resolution of ..::Pizzified Customs::.. for 2015.  A7 – To just keep doing what I’m doing. One can only hope I’ll grab the attention of people by the motto I’ve lived by when I started building cars. “I’ve changed the way cars are built, scripted and now sold. Making everything more affordable so the simplest dreams can come true!”

Q8. What do you get out of creating in Second life? A8 – I get the self gratification of knowing I’m making something for someone that’s completely personalized to them. There’s nothing else like it. As anyone knows a car is a big purchase on Second Life for those that buy from me I make it least stressful as possible.

Q9. What’s your favorite flavor of ice-cream? A9 – Cookie Dough

Q10. Anything else you would like to add? A10 –  Anyone who mentions this blog.. Gets a free car! Offer good until January 31st!

Bringing you the hottest cars on the grid at the most affordable prices
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pizzers_007pxlrcar4car 3car pick 2 pxlrYou’ve just been Pizzified!

“What’s ZiZi Wearing?” #58


Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Hands: Slink Gesture Hands Size XS

Feet: Slink Feet High Size XS

Shape: My Own

Outfit details:

Hair: +Spellbound+ NachoBitch

Bolero: Pizzified Bolero L Logo Back

Top: Pizzified Tube Top XL

Shoes: “B.I.P” Betsy Stiletto Heels (Nior) ms @ :::Thick Event Room:::

Skirt: [MyObsession] Leo Falda  @ :::Thick Event Room:::

Happy Shopping

– Luv ZiZi –


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